Brink Motorsport

Social Media Marketing


Brink Motorsport, leading Swedish motorsport racing team established in 1976. In 2019 the team competed in TCR Scandinavia – with great results, 1st place in the team championship. In the driver’s championship, Brink Motorsport drivers finished 2nd and 3rd. During 2019, Brink Motorsport had an ongoing collaboration with us regarding the video documentation of all the races. The videos were published on the team’s social media channels.

At the end of the 2019 season, the team decided it was time to accelerate their social media growth and set out the goal to attract a larger fan base.


The first step was to come up with a report on the team’s social media activities for 2019 – with the purpose of understanding what has been accomplished during season 2019 and as a base of comparison for future campaigns.

The second step was to create and deliver on an action plan that would fit the team’s budget and goals. The third step was to periodically analyze results and use the insights to improve the action plan and strategy.


After only 3 months, 1100 followers were gained. During this period we reached 120.000 people. Videos produced and published on Brink Motorsport’s social media accumulated 42.000 video views with a grand total of 13.000 minutes of video viewed.

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