Förenade Bil

Social Media Marketing


According to a 2019 report, 75% of auto shoppers say that social media was one of the most helpful sources of information when selecting a car dealership.

Förenade Bil, established in 1921 is today the official BMW, MINI & BMW ALPINA dealership in the south of Sweden. At the beginning of 2020, Förenade Bil decided to increase its marketing efforts when it comes to social media, with the purpose of generating leads and creating brand recognition.


First, we conducted an in-depth assessment of Förenade Bil’s online presence including campaign websites and social media pages. Our goal was to identify campaign ideas and concepts that could create a flow of new leads from social media towards the company’s own campaign pages.

Next, we developed a campaign plan tied to three objectives: vastly improve lead generation via social media channels, drive traffic to the campaigns site, and continually improve relevant metrics.

As part of the plan, we delivered:

  • Digital content in the form of video, text, and images.
  • Social media publishing on Facebook, Instagram, and Linkedin.
  • Targeted Facebook advertising.
  • Robust analytics.


After 4 months campaign period:

  • 364.000 people reached.
  • 12.000 campaign pages link clicks.
  • 37.323 engagements.
  • 195.000 video views.
  • 52.000 minutes of video viewed.

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